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vintage wrap top

Tutorial that I found via The Perfect Nose by Freshly Given (by the way, have you seen this blog? I found it only recently and I can't say enough about how much I love this woman's style and creations. These shorts especially. The Perfect Nose loves them too!)

Modifications to the original tutorial:
  • I did not make as deep a neckline, but wish I made it deeper than I did. However, I am not good at necks without facings and am too afraid to try my own. I'm a chicken.
  • Only to save fabric because I might have enough for another project, I made two separate large straps instead of one going across the back.

And, not a modification, but something I learned is that the inner straps that hold the front secure have to sit at the waist.  When they are to high they slide to my waist and pull the front way low and the back way up because those straps naturally want to sit at the narrowest part of your body. Logic.

Oh yeah, and if you have to learn from my mistakes, I thought I wanted smaller sleeves so originally planned a narrow body but, DUH, if you make it too narrow it's not going to WRAP around your body.  Fortunately I had planned on large seam allowances so I was able to just use those to widen the top.

Unfortunately it's a little shifty and slides around, and after moving those inner straps down (after these pictures were taken) the side gaps are pretty big.  Hopefully both of those problems will be solve with a tank underneath?